What I learned at the Sydney International Sourcing Expo

Published November 27, 2012 by beautifulpartydresses

Today marks one whole week since I got up at 4:30am, packed an overnight knapsack, stowed my children with Mum and Dad, picked up my good friend and fellow Expo novice, Lynda, and got dropped at the airport by my Beloved Husband.  We were both excited and maybe even a little scared.  We did not really know what we were in for, but thanks to the introductory emails the night before, we were already overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Expo.  As we sat drinking our caffeine hits of choice, our bleary eyes happened upon a sight I thought only happened in Richard Branson advertisements.  The Virgin Flight Attendant stride.

That’s right, small groups of 2 or 3 Virgin hosties, moving about the airport.  How is it that at 6:30 in the morning these women can look so fresh, and walk like that?  And make no mistake, I have seen it with my own eyes, the women in the funky old world uniforms really do walk like the ones on the ad!  They walk with purpose, they walk with grace, and the people around them actually move to give them space.  At the time I did not recognise it for what it was.

We arrived safely in Sydney (what an exciting town!) dropped our gear at the hotel and made our way to the Convention Centre.  Darling Harbour was decked out in Christmas Decorations.  We were given our identifying documents, scanned, and eventually stepped into the Expo.

Darling Harbour really gets into the Christmas spirit!

The hall was filled with clothing and beautiful material samples..and lots of noise.  Not raucous noise…lots of wheeling and dealing.  After six exhausting hours we called it a day.  It seemed a very long walk back to our hotel, but eventually we made it, and rewarded ourselves with a hot cup of tea and a lie down – it took quite a while to recuperate!

By Day Two we were rehydrated, refreshed and ready to go again.  We marched back down through Darling Harbour to the Convention Centre, got scanned in again, and steeled ourselves for further “sourcing” adventures.  We gave out and accepted countless business cards, and tentatively discussed options.

We left the Expo feeling exhausted but pleased.  Back to Mascot Airport for a pre flight celebratory glass of white wine.  And thats where we saw them again – the Virgin stewardesses (such an olde worlde name).  Still with that incredible poise, the stride that commands you to stop what you are doing and observe as they pass by.  And interestingly, although at the time I thought these ladies looked beautiful, I cannot now even recall what colour hair any of them had; and I think that is because they actually looked like busy, but effective women – perhaps that is what I admired?

Eventually we stepped off the plane in Brisbane and back to our wonderful families.  It is always lovely to go on an adventure, but wonderful to return home to sleep in your own bed again.

So what did I learn at the Expo?  Mostly that it is hard to communicate through interpreters. But at the airport I learned that self confidence and a sense of purpose will make everyone stop and take notice.


DIY Tutorial: Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats

Published November 7, 2012 by beautifulpartydresses

I love to find cheap ways to mimic what I cannot afford! This is such a clever and simple idea. My daughter wants them!  Have you ever made your own “knock off” of something you could not afford?

Cherry Humbug // Fashion, Fun & Frolickings

The Real Mccoy = £235 vs. DIY = £12. Need I say more??

You might remember that I got a little bit obsessed over these mousey chums courtesy of Mr Marc Jacobs when I spotted them a little while back? As much as I would love to be able to treat myself to the real mccoy, I have to admit that as a student, and a general normal person, I’m not really in a position to spend £235 on one pair of shoes. So! With that in mind, and imagining that there are more like minded ladies out there, on a budget, craving these sparkly beauties, I got a bit creative and have done what I can to re-create this look without having to blow big bucks for the honour.

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial for aaaages now, but due to 3rd year university work, stress related illness…

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Trade Shows and Tutus

Published November 2, 2012 by beautifulpartydresses

Oh Happy Day!  I have finalised almost everything for my trip to Sydney to attend the Clothing and Textiles Expo!  And guess who is going to come with me?  The incredible Lynda Wilson of Sun Gear!  We are both super excited about our trip…all we need now is accommodation!  Lots of hotels are already booked out.  If you know of somewhere fabulous (yet inexpensive) please let us know!

Design A

Design A – most likely to be in pink and purple florals, size 0 – 8

Beautiful Party Dresses is doing so well with its formal wear line that we have decided to extend ourselves.  After many requests by all of you, we have decided to expand into casual girls wear!  I know – exciting!!  Things like….wait for it…leggings, summer dresses, trendy sets and of course…tutus.

Design B1 and B2

Design B1 and B2 – big bright colours! Love the rainbow look, but needs to be brighter! Size 0 – 8

Design C

Design C – how about polka dots  Size 0 – 16

These are some of the dresses I am looking at right now. So much to choose from! What do you think is important in a girls dress?  Do you have a favourite style you can share with us?  Just leave a comment below.  Its easy!
And don’t forget to do my first ever mini poll!


Halloween Fun

Published October 31, 2012 by beautifulpartydresses

We had a fabulous night of Halloween fun here last night.  After a fun meal with good friends and their lovely spooky children we went Trick or Treating the neighbours.  One of our neighbours was particularly into the spooky theme.  They had a gorgeous vintage car out the front, with a coffin spilling out of it.  There was a partial skeleton coming out of the coffin!  Spooky!!  At the front door stood a skeleton with a leather jacket on.  Very cool!  Other neighbours were hiding behind fences or in cars and jumping out to scare us!  What a fabulous night!  We dressed our Ned Kelly post box up in his ghoulish costume, and this year he had a cage hanging off his gun, with a raggedly dressed skeleton inside moaning “Let me out!  Let me out!”  We got lots of kids through doing Trick or Treating – but probably not as many as last year.  I had a fabulous time!  Best treats – Eleanor Heaphy of Cakeage was treating all spooky kids to eyeball cake pops – very gruesome!  What was your Halloween like?

Shopping for girls clothes

Published October 29, 2012 by beautifulpartydresses

With Christmas coming upon us so quickly, I recently checked out the department stores for some clothes to go under the tree for my Darling Daughter, age 9yrs and my Darling Son, aged 7yrs. My son was easy – as long as it has an Angry Bird emblazoned across it, he thinks it is high fashion.  Much more difficult for my daughter!  She still loves many of the styles that are in the toddler section – she enjoys the butterflies, the pretty leggings, the matching sets.  Unfortunately ever since she moved into size 7 and up, the choices for little girls (and I say little girls because that is what they are – I am not sure what the department stores think they are!) is limited – both by my daughters naivety, and by our (apparently) strict parenting.

I think she is too young to wear all black, and I have very strong feelings about a lot of the slogans which are written on girls t shirts.  This narrows the selection down.  I did notice that one major retailer who was in the line of fire recently for its girls wear has really picked up its game – lots more pretty, lots less skanky.  My daughter is not very fussy with clothes…as long as it is purple/sparkly and/or has an animal or insect on it she is happy.  It has made me think – is anyone else out there looking for affordable “pretty” clothes for girls?  What sort of things are your girls wearing this season?

Beautiful Party Dresses – The Launch Party

Published December 19, 2011 by beautifulpartydresses

Recently, Beautiful Party Dresses opened its cyberspace doors to customers!  We celebrated with a launch party – eating cake and drinking champagne.  I showed off the beautiful range of little girls formal dresses to my friends and family, who were blown away with the gorgeous range of dresses.  It is so lovely to watch the girls eyes light up when they find a dress they just adore!  So to complement my online store I am writing this blog.  I hope to share with you the excitement and fun of little girls and the adventures they have in their beautiful party dresses.

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